Kitsune Token, the first japanese marketplace on BSC

$KITSUNE will be the very first token on the BSC to launch with a marketplace specialized in Japanese products.

Safe & Secure

Also, we decided to do a fairlaunch with a contract revealed at launch. We have discussed this subject for a long time with the team and decided it was the best way to ensure equal chances for everyone.

We could have done a presale but nowadays presale oftenly turns to be a big P&D and the presalers don’t believe in the project, they just want to take some profits over believers.

We want that fairlaunch to be very tricky for bots and snipers, that’s why we plan to make them crazy with many countermeasures which were tested and worked. Don’t worry, you’ll have equal chances versus them.

As we know that the community want to check the contract, we will share the $KITSUNE code in our GitHub.


Every transaction will have 3% fees redistributed to holders and 3% added to the liquidity.


The Kitsune Token team’s is deep in love with Japan. We realized that you can buy several products on the internet with your cryptocurrencies but what about japanese products such as food, groceries or drinks?
That’s why we came with this idea, a safe place for all Japan lovers where you will be able to buy your favorites products through our Webshop.

We already established many partnerships and we are still looking for new ones to expand the Marketplace.


The three tiers of Kitsune Token

Kitsune Token uses a tier based system to determine the advantages accorded to holder and the votes allocation in the governance poll.

It’s a fair and simple process: the amount of $KITSUNE tokens a holder has in his wallet determines his tier.

Baby Kitsune — You can take part of the monthly poll.

Strong Kitsune — Same as Baby Kitsune but you’ll also have a 5% discount over all the products of our marketplace.

Kami Kitsune — Same as Strong Kitsune, but it’ll be a 10% discount and no shipping fees on your orders.


Every month, there will be a poll on our website with various products and you’ll vote for the one you want to see in the shop. The more tokens you hold, the heavier your vote will be.

Example: There is two holders, one with 10 000 $KITSUNE (Kitsune A) and the other one with 1 000 $KITSUNE (Kitsune B) in their respective wallet. Here is the allocation they will have for the poll:

  • Holder A got 10 000 $KITSUNE over the 1 000 000 $KITSUNE in the total supply which means the allocation will be 10 000 / 1 000 000 => 1% of the total votes.
  • Holder B got 1 000 $KITSUNE over the 1 000 000 $KITSUNE in the total supply which means the allocation will be 1 000 / 1 000 000 => 0.1% of the total votes.


良い一日 🦊



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